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Cyber Security Team

CTF Write-ups

If you are new to Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions, this section will explain all that you need to know.


A CTF is, usually, an online competition where participants attempt to solve challenges for points. The challenges address very specific topics but have multiple solutions. As this suggests, a great deal can be learned from your own solution as well as someone else's. The final result of a solution is obtaining the flag. Note: Most CTF's to date dynamically generate most flags hence copying any that may be presented in the solutions below will  not help you. The documents below are what are called write-ups - descriptions to solutions to CTF challenges. Write-ups offer a great introduction to many Cyber concepts from forensics, to binary exploitation.

Recent CTF Competitions

  1. CSAW
    1. A large scale event with competitor teams from around the world.
  2. Cyberstakes
    1. Online Competition
      1. A primer available to all members of any service academies. Typically, the Cyber Warfare groups compete heavily but, any Cyber inclined Midshipman is eligible to compete. Typically occurs in the Fall semester 
    2. Live Competition
      1. Members of the teams that perform well during the online portion are invited to a live event where they compete against the other academies in person. Other challenges are joint and mix competitors from each of the service academies.
  3. Boston Key Party - Online
    1. A large scale event that typically serves as the qualifying event for DEFCON. Run completely online but, it is not limited to the academies or the US for that matter.
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