Alexandria Laureys

Editor in Chief

Virginia Burger

Senior Editors

Sarah Armstrong, Poetry

Riley Castle, Fiction

Kevin Norris, Features

Olivia Czereuko, Art

Jonson Henry, Music

Olivia Yeager, Layout

Senior Management

Joe Dinkel, Treasurer

Heather Bui, Event Planner

Paige Ward, Webmaster 

Junior Editors

Conor Cross, Poetry,

JB Loomis, Layout

Anthony Alexander, Features

Reuben Druckery, Features

Daniel Gartrell, Poetry

Chris Huynh, Poetry

Tyler Roach, Art

Allison Shafer, Layout

Ian Shaw, Fiction

Mallory Shelton, Poetry

Sarah Claudy, Music

Caroline Fender, Layout

Chandler King, Music

Cara Navarro, Fiction

Nico Shyne, Music

Sara Tumbas, Fiction

Steven Gutierrez, Music

Andrew Maus, Fiction

Maeve Owens, Poetry

Cady Sheeks, Features


Officers and Faculty Representatives

LCDR Salinas

Prof John Beckman

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