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Lasers in Maritime Environments (LiME)

Introduction to Laser Research

 Student projects                     


Hallgren, Stensrud

Analysis of Gaussian Beam Distribution Qualities of a Helium-Neon Laser

Maldonado, Carothers, Lucas

Laser beam propagation in the environment of the HydroLab 

Kuerbitz, Suqi

Young’s Double Slit Experiment: the Accuracy of Diffraction and Interference Models 


Lipp, Quandt

An Evaluation of the Scintillation Index and Average Intensity of Coherent and Incoherent Laser Light


MATLAB model verification of double slit experiment

TRIDENT A Modeling and Data Analysis of Laser Beam Propagation in the Maritime Domain


Kelsey, Rosenthal

Laser Propagation in an Ocean Environment

Bandarra, Vegel

Home-grown Laser Countermeasures with Paint

Cully, Giornelli

Laser Guidance Countermeasures - Materials

Independent research Laser Countermeasures: Finding the Beam from Scattering in the Environment


Probability Density Analyses of Partially Coherent Gaussian Laser Beam in a Turbulent Environment


Peeleman, Carlson, Vasconez

Submarine Laser Propagation

Carpenter, O’Bryant

Laser Light Propagation in Fog

Vasconez, Carpenter

Far-Field Propagation Through a Round Aperture

O’Bryant, Carlson, Peeleman

Modeling Laser Propagation Through Slits


Cabrera, Slavens

Laser Propagation in the Maritime Environment

Zion, Lanham

Atmospheric Effects on Laser Propagation


Sweet , Pattison

Laser propagation through the turbulent atmosphere


Using SVD to Efficiently Analyze Data

Course Policy


HW assignments

HW 1 handout  and data

HW 2 handout

HW 3 handout

HW4 handout

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