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Lasers in Maritime Environments (LiME)

Our Students

Past and Current Student Research

Analysis of Gaussian Beam Distribution Qualities of a Helium-Neon Laser

MIDN 4/C Steven T. Hallgren, MIDN 4/C Thorys J. Stensrud

An Analysis of Laser Light Propagation with Regards to Mean and Variance of Intensity

MIDN 1/C Danny Whitsett, assisted by MIDN 4/C Dinkel and MIDN 4/C Lipp

Evaluation of Scintillation Index and Intensity of Partially Coherent Laser Light

MIDN 4/C Meredith L. Lipp and MIDN 4/C Kathryn L. Quandt

A Study of Propagation of Laser Light through a Turbulent Atmosphere

MIDN 3/C Meredith L. Lipp

Analysis of Laser Light Propagation

Midshipman 1/C Daniel Joseph Whitsett, MIDN 4/C Joe Dinkel, and MIDN 4/C Meredith Lipp


Convolution of Pseudo Partially Coherent Beams

MIDN 3/C Meredith Lipp

Analysis of Laser Light Propagation in a Maritime Environment

Midshipman 1/C Daniel Joseph Whitsett

Current Classes

  • ES495/6 -- Systems Engineering Research
  • ES502 -- Honors Research and Design
  • SM282 -- Intro to Laser Research
  • SM495/6 -- Honors Research Project (math)

Opportunities in Laser Research

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