Whack-A-Mule works best with Firefox 4+, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8+. Older versions of Internet Explorer and mobile devices (cellphones, etc.) may not be able to properly play the game. If your screen is too small to display all of the stalls, you can try making the game full screen if you are using a windows PC by pressing the F11 key. Pressing the F11 key a second time will return your browser to normal. You must have JavaScript enabled to play.

Whack-A-Mule is provided as-is with no guarantee that it will work under every circumstance.

Who is the goat?
The goat is named Bill and he is the mascot of the United States Naval Academy. Learn more about him here:

Who is the mule?
The mule is the United States Military Academy's (West Point) mascot. Learn more about the Army Mule here:

Army and Navy have had a rivalry for as long as anyone can remember.
The Academies have been known in the past to pull various pranks against each other.

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