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Usually you will just need to enter a few words that best describe what you are trying to locate. To perform more refined searches you might use any combination of search logic, keyword phrases and wildcards. See some examples below:

Applying Search Logic

The default behavior of the search is to locate pages that contain any of the elements within a query (logical OR). This means that the query: microsoft bob interface is equivalent to the boolean query: microsoft OR bob OR interface.

Search Logic

- (without)
The - (minus) is the most commonly used logic symbol. It means the answer should EXCLUDE references to that item (i.e., logical NOT).

+ (mandatory)
The + (plus) symbol in front of a search item means that the answer MUST INCLUDE that item.

Query Finds
bob sam joe Bob or Sam or Joe
bob sam -joe Bob or Sam without Joe
+bob +sam +joe Bob and Sam and Joe

The plus(+) and minus(-) operators must be attached to the term to which they apply. There must be a space between the operator and any preceding term (note in the next section how a hyphen takes on a different meaning if it is placed between two words with no space).

Correct Incorrect
bob +sam -joe bob + sam - joe

Keywords Phrases and Wild cards

To locate words, just type them in as you would in a word processor. Letter cases will be ignored.

The wildcard character * (asterisk) may be used to match just the prefix of a word or to ignore the middle of something. It cannot be used at the beginning of a search term (e.g., *tion is not a valid search)

To locate a number of adjacent words in a specific order, surround them with " (double quotation) characters. Putting a - (hyphen) between words will also force order and one word proximity.

Query Locates
john john, John
"john public" John Public
naval-architecture Naval Architecture, naval-architecture
John*Public John Q. Public, John Public
456*a*def 1-456-789-ABCDEF
activate activate, activation, activated, ...*

Natural Language Query

You may enter a query in the form of a sentence or question. The software will automatically identify the important words and phrases within your query and remove the "noise words".

what are the steps for admissions?

The software will search for:
steps OR admissions

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