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YP Squadron

YP Squadron Staff




MIDN 2/C Tim Getscher, USN 

Chief of Staff, Yard Patrol Squadron











MIDN 2/C Peyton Wood, USN

Training Officer, Yard Patrol Squadron

MIDN Peyton Wood graduated from high school in Northwest Arkansas in 2015. He joined the Yard Patrol Squadron in the Spring of 2017. He has previously served as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of Pennant 3.  







MIDN 2/C Henry Blackwell, USN

Commanding Officer, Pennant 1

Being from a real state (Texas), MIDN 2/C Blackwell came to the Naval Academy to drive boats. In addition of leading his pennant fearlessly with his Executive Enforcer Kellyn, he is also one of the original few who joined YPRON as a plebe. He is a member of 20th Company and a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering major. He enjoys long naps on the beach, and watching the sun rise over the horizon from the bridge of YP 706.



MIDN 2/C Kellyn Abbanat, USN

Executive Officer, Pennant 1

Kellyn Abbanat is from Coral Springs, Florida, and is a Computer Science major at the USNA.  She was originally recruited to play on the Women’s Tennis team at USNA, but found herself joining Yard Patrol Squadron at the beginning of her 3/C year, in hopes of following her dream to be selected for the Surface Warfare (Nuclear) community upon graduation.  She is also active as the 16th Company Operations Sergeant, and the Treasurer of The Secular Midshipman Society.




MIDN 2/C Catherine Griswold, USN

Commanding Officer, Pennant 2

Catherine Griswold is a native of Maryland. She attended Boadneck High School, where she graduated in 2014. She did Tae Kwon Do for 9 years and Girl Scouts for 11 years. She attended University of Maryland Baltimore County for a year before entering the Naval Academy with the Class of 2019 as a computer science major. After playing rugby for a year, she decided to take a safer route to personal development by joining YP Squadron. She is hoping to service select Pilot and fly fixed-wing aircraft in the Navy.



MIDN 3/C Jared Young, USN

Executive Officer, Pennant 2

Hailing the back hills of Kentucky, Jared Young joined the Navy to see the world, make a difference, and to outdo his Army father.  At the United States Naval Academy, he decided that intramural dodgeball was too intense to suite his tastes, and joined the YP Squadron during the second semester of his plebe year, where he drives YPs and zodiacs alike.  He is now pursuing a future in either the Surface Warfare or Submarine community upon commissioning.  In his free time, Jared enjoys movies and running (not really).


MIDN 3/C Russ Bauer, USN

Navigator, Yard Patrol Squadron

Russ Bauer is a new addition to the Yard Patrol Squadron as of Fall 2017. Growing up on his father’s sea stories, Russ decided that he wanted to experience what the world was like and is enroute towards earning his commission as a Naval Officer. Russ began his military training at Virginia Tech as a member of the Corps of Cadets. Now at the United States Naval Academy, he hopes to service select Surface Warfare, and carry on his family’s tradition of service in the Surface Fleet. He enjoys sailing and policy debate.

Officer Representative: LT King, USN

Enlisted Representative: QM1 Benson, USN

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