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YP Squadron

Commodore's Standing Orders

Below, you will find the Commodore of YP Squadron's Standing Orders. All Midshipmen, regardless of affiliation with YP Squadron, are asked to follow this guidance to ensure the best possible training environment.

I expect that the members of YPRON will conduct themselves in an utmost professional manner.  We are future officers and we should act as such.  This includes but is not limited to:

A)     Respect: Members of YPRON will at all times act in a respectful manner towards their superiors and subordinates.  While on watch, they will utilize standard phraseology, and avoid informal forms of address. 

B)      Navigation Brief: Every briefer should begin by greeting the senior officer(s) present, by name, in order of seniority, followed by the craftmaster and then the Midshipmen.  The brief should be prepared and rehearsed in advance and should cover all pertinent information but be succinct.  Everything must add value to the brief or it should be removed.  In addition, individuals should brief information pertinent to their assigned watch station and/or billet only.

C)      Shifting of Colors: Our craft should set the standard for the rest of the fleet.  We are the only entity which utilizes the 703 class YP – and as such we are highly visible.  The crew does not always have the manpower to shift colors quickly and expeditiously, but it is my expectation that the Commanding Officer will assign personnel not on watch to smartly shift colors once underway/moored.


There is no excuse for not being engaged 100% of the time—all of the time when underway.  Do not sit around!  Just because you are not on watch, this does not mean you cannot be training.

A)     Teach or learn: I expect that everyone is either learning or teaching.  If you do not do either during an underway, then that underway was a waste for you.  This is not limited to upperclassmen teaching underclass – anybody can learn from anybody else.  Sometimes, you learn best by teaching!

B)      Be Proactive: If you are standing on the bridge wing and have nothing to do—ask questions!  Seek out the craftmaster, an enlisted crew member, or another Midshipman and learn!  To the extent that it does not detract from safe operation, I expect the senior watch standers to be instructing and mentoring those around them.   

C)      Attend the Classroom Sessions: I recognize that this is an ECA—and sometimes events come up which preclude participation on certain days.  However, as much as possible strive to attend all YPRON meetings to include the classroom sessions!  This is where valuable knowledge and training happens.


Always seek to do better—never become satisfied.  Vince Lombardi said “ we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” 

A)     Improve your watch team:  Our watch teams may be proficient, but they can always get better.  Strive for better communication, better accuracy, faster navigation reports, anything and everything can always improve.

B)      Improve yourself: You should seek to qualify as Navigator, Officer of the Deck, and ultimately as Craftmaster.  Once you qualify as Craftmaster, you should seek to qualify on the 703.  You can always gain more knowledge, experience, and skill – and strive for the highest qualification of which you are capable of.


Dream big.  Don’t be afraid to take risks or try something new.  Recognize that we are in a training environment and the qualified officers and craftmasters will keep you safe.  Try a watch you have not stood before; offer to plot because you know that you are not good at it.  You’ll never know unless you ask: If you have an idea for a training event or movement order, then speak up!  If you want to perform a particular watch-station, or try something that has not been done before—then ask!

Have Fun!  YPRON is supposed to be fun—if we don’t enjoy it then it serves little purpose to us as Midshipmen.
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