Strategic Initiative: Broaden Midshipmen Academic Opportunities

Project:   Research Funding for Midshipmen

Provide an annual source of funding to support research efforts, as well as presentation and travel opportunities for midshipmen enrolled in research courses or honors courses.

Project Tasks:

  • Identify an annual source of funding to support the research (supplies, software, data sets, equipment, copying expenses, etc.) of midshipmen enrolled in independent research or honors courses. This account could also be identified as the funding source for the travel expenses of midshipmen interviewing for selected post-graduate scholarships.
  • Fund will be administered by the Director of Research & Scholarship via the Research Office.

Expected Outcome/Benefits:

  • Provides a constant, dependable source of funding.
  • Eliminates the current ad-hoc approach to finding a funding source for a worthy endeavor.
  • Allows:
    1. long-range planning of opportunities for the midshipmen
    2. advertisement of the availability of a known funding source as faculty and midshipmen consider research projects
    3. funds identified in departments for other needs to remain as identified, rather than being diverted to the un-funded research project or honors project needs
  • Achieves parity with presently funded student projects

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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