Strategic Initiative:  Broaden Midshipmen Academic Opportunities

Provide midshipmen with (1) expanded opportunities to obtain advanced degrees, (2) supplemental financial support for the scholarship application process, and (3) funding support for academic enrichment programs while a USNA undergraduate.

Initiative Description:

  • Advanced Degree Opportunities:
    • Challenge midshipmen with outstanding academic records and growth potential
    • Explore increased opportunities for post graduate study at NPS Monterey (IGEP)
    • Provide funding support for travel associated with the scholarship interview-award process
  • Enhanced Academic Opportunities while at the Naval Academy:
    • Establish a Midshipmen Research endowment to support (1) the Trident Scholar Program and Conference, (2) the research and honors projects of midshipmen, (3) the Fundamentals of Engineering exam costs, and (4) the expenses associated with academic internships and other (existing and furture) academic enrichment programs
    • Provide Research Funding for Midshipmen

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • With the Advanced Degree Opportunities: More Naval Academy graduates will receive masters’ degrees within the first twelve months of commissioned service
  • Increases (1) the pool of junior officers eligible to return to USNA as academic instructors, following their initial operational tours and (2) the potential for the Navy and Marine Corps to profit from earlier and more payback tours
  • Reduces the competition and hardship burden of pursuing a graduate degree while trying to meet professional development requirements
  • With the Enhanced Academic Opportunities while at the Naval Academy: More midshipmen can become involved in state-of-the-art research and honors projects. The Trident Scholar Conference will have an annual operating budget.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses associated with internships and the FE exam can be paid by the endowment

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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