Strategic Initiative:  Center for Study of Professional Military Ethics

Enhance the ethical development of current and future leaders at the Naval Academy, the Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Defense and beyond.

Initiative Description:

  • Supports the activities/programs of the Ethics Center established by the Secretary of the Navy in 1998
  • Provides relevant and innovative programs to enhance the midshipmen's ability to deal with ethical issues they may encounter as Navy and Marine Corps officers
  • Programs include case studies and other curriculum materials, seminars, conferences, lecture series, the Ethics Essay Prize, Ethics for the Junior Officer, faculty development workshops, "Ethics at the Movies," a resident fellows program and sponsored research in the field of ethics, coordinate the annual Class of '64 Ethics Dinner

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Enrich the intellectual life of USNA in the field of ethics
  • Enhance the teaching of ethics throughout the military education and training systems
  • Conduct executive and other outreach programs in ethics, which will link the Naval Academy's work in this field to government service, academia, and the private sector

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (Ethics Center)

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