Strategic Initiative:  Civilian Faculty Development

Continue to attract the highest quality new faculty and improve the scholarship and teaching skills of our civilian faculty

Initiative Description:

  • Faculty Skills Development
    • Provide development funds for faculty to:
      • Improve their teaching skills and teaching methods
      • Introduce new technologies to their courses
      • Remain current in their discipline
    • Skills development programs will include:
      • Sabbatical leave
      • Participation at professional meetings, conferences, workshops and short courses
      • Enhanced summer intersessional funding, particularly for disciplines in which externally sponsored research is not robust.
  • Funded Faculty Chairs
    • Faculty chairs make significant teaching contributions to our midshipmen by:
      • Renewing faculty expertise
      • Enhancing the reputation / credentials of the department when hiring faculty
      • Providing relief for permanent faculty to rotate on sabbatical leave
    • Begin with one or more chair per Division; eventually expand to one or more per Department
  • Research Opportunities
    • Aggressively pursue funded faculty and midshipmen research opportunities
    • Augment research, as appropriate, through joint ventures with private industry and collaborations with other institutions.
  • Civilian Faculty Hiring and Compensation
    • Ensure the total civilian faculty compensation plan is competitive with peer institutions.
    • Encourage departments to recruit the very best civilian faculty.
    • Ensure that the resources are available to recruit and retain the very best civilian faculty.

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Improved teaching and learning environment for midshipmen
  • Continuing rapid adaptability of USNA to best practices, most current approaches and contents in the academic disciplines taught at USNA
  • Ability to attract and retain the best faculty

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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