Strategic Initiative:  Decision Making and Intellectual Agility Practicum

Improve the decision-making skills of all midshipmen through classroom instruction and practical lab exercises

Initiative Description:

  • Create a training practicum with a practical professional focus on decision-making and mental agility
  • Include a combination of theoretical classroom training, computer simulations and an outdoor venue (envisioned at North Severn) that incorporates field experience
    • Scope and timing of the practicum to be determined
    • Provide modest resources to give Midshipmen improved advanced navigation instruction in the navigation curriculum

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Addresses the "imbalance between critical thinking and rapid recall"
    • Improves decision-making skills focused specifically on practical application to naval and military operations
    • Develops intellectual agility and rapid decision-making skills needed for success in future operations
    • Provides application for Rules-of-Engagement

Executive Sponsor:  Commandant

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