Strategic Initiative: Integral USNA At-Sea Experience

Foster our midshipmen's love of the sea and the naval service, and develop their basic seamanship skills

Initiative Description:

  • Provide the needed facilities and craft for a vibrant and dynamic at-sea training experience integral to USNA
  • Repair and expand the Robert Crown Sailing Center in phases, if necessary, to provide upgraded locker rooms for both men and women and expanded training, storage and repair facilities as private funds allow
  • Complete a phased/total replacement of 20 Navy 44 foot sailing craft plus the acquisition of four additional craft (24 total)
  • Replace 20 Yard Patrol craft with new vessels equipped with systems that allow at-sea warfare tactical training in addition to traditional seamanship and navigation

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Provide improved seamanship/sailing craft for enhancing small unit leadership
  • Promote character building through meeting the challenges of the sea
  • Enhance essential training capabilities
  • Reduce maintenance costs of an aging fleet

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (Director, Tactical Training Systems)

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