Strategic Initiative:  Knowledge Engineer the USNA

Create a smart ERP - knowledge engineered computing environment accessible to all users, offering standard hardware and software suites, real time access to their data, and excellent service

Initiative Description:

  • Knowledge engineer the Naval Academy and North Severn enterprise, including all tenant commands and reimbursable customers. Knowledge engineering:
    • Includes seamless integration of all information technologies
    • Provides technology products and tools to all users for teaching, research, management, decision making, and communicating
    • Engineers structured data into processed and accurate information
    • Ensures complexity of technology is transparent to the user
    • Provides a scalable environment productive for all skill levels
  • Emphasize implementation of smart enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, distributed over a reliable high speed data network, accessible by all users using a standardized Naval Academy Intranet
  • Organize and staff Information Technology as necessary
  • Create research component within Information Technology Services

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Improve midshipmen, faculty, and staff productivity
  • Compatible with latest Naval Service technology initiatives
  • Improve learning and educational opportunities for all midshipmen
  • Postures Naval Academy for future information technology migrations emphasizing optimum performance at minimum cost

Executive Sponsor:   Superintendent (IT)

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