Strategic Initiative: Knowledge Engineer the USNA

Project:   Create research component within Information Technology Services

Project Tasks:

  • Develop the IT research organizational matrix structure within Information Technology Services Division
  • Evaluate emerging IT concepts
  • Identify and research integration opportunities
  • Recommend future IT changes in support of USNA mission
  • Research and develop state-of-the-art technology infrastucture in support of USNA curricula
  • Provide technical expertise in implementation of technology advances within USNA environment
  • Research and recommend solutions for IT security

Expected Outcome/Benefits:

  • Facilitate continuous smooth migration of original Knowledge Engineering - Smart Enterprise Resource Planning strategic initiative
  • Provide USNA-focused IT research, advisory, and integration services
  • Facilitate development of IT infrastructure to support changing academic and administrative requirements
  • Support growth, development, and integration of all academic, administrative, athletic, and professional IT initiatives

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (IT)

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