Strategic Initiative:  Leadership and Behavioral Science Education

Shift the focus in leadership education from a study of great leaders and their traits to an educational continuum centered on psychology, sociology, and philosophy.

Initiative Description:

  • The focus on behavioral sciences will be facilitated by:
    • Hiring a psycologist to inject behavioral science subject matter into the core leadership courses and to teach elective behavioral science courses
    • Hiring a Professor of Leadership Education
    • Incorporating two permanent military professor billets into the departmental organization
    • Developing experimental elective courses in leadership and sociology
    • Increasing the percentage of officer instructors with post graduate degrees

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Expand the study of human behavior in the USNA curriculum
  • Elevate the Naval Academy's behavioral science and leadership programs to a stature on par with peer institutions
  • Enhance the Naval Academy's stature as a national resource for leadership development

Executive Sponsor:  Commandant

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