Strategic Initiative:  Netcentric Operational Center and Warfighting Lab

Create an operations center/lab to improve midshipmen professional training through the introduction and simulation of advanced warfare concepts

Initiative Description:

  • Create a net-centric operations center / war-fighting laboratory to support learning and experimenting with the concepts of net-centric warfare, operational maneuver from the sea (OMFTS), information management and information warfare
  • Scalable, configurable and networked with NWC, NWDC, MCCDC and other activities involved in operational concepts development
  • Core courses in Tactics and Strategy, Warfare Capstone and Leadership will use the operations center
  • Envisioned as located in Luce Hall Planetarium (retain planetarium function)

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Enhance the understanding of warfare at both operational and tactical levels through wargaming, scenario based teaching and experimentation
  • Contribute to the study of naval leadership, tactical warfare understanding and decisionmaking in an information intensive environment
  • Provide USNA with an advanced learning capability required to teach emerging operational concepts
  • Provide a venue for military faculty and staff presentations of current and future naval and joint operations to promote professional currency and faculty development
  • Support the study of information technology and leadership across the curriculum

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (DITS)

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