Strategic Initiative:  Oral and Written Communications Excellence

Develop a communications program that provides every midshipman with the opportunity to enhance writing and gain public speaking experience

Initiative Description:

  • Develop a public speaking program for midshipmen
    • Training of all second class midshipmen in public speaking; Consider use of contract support
    • "Oral Communications Module" on English Department WEBPAGE, outlining for instructors how to integrate instruction in presentations into the course and for students how to approach and deliver a presentation
    • Addition of oral presentation requirement in FP130, with use of "Oral Communications Module" as guidance
    • Addition of oral presentation requirement in NL302, with use of "Oral Communication Module" as guidance
    • Completion of survey of courses in USNA Curriculum requiring or often employing oral presentations
  • Proposed requirement in draft of ACDEANINST1531.52 for midshipmen involved in research projects to give oral presentation before midshipmen and faculty
  • Enhance Midshipman Written Communication through:
    • Planned increase of two faculty in English, two in History and one in Political Science to lower section size and underwrite development of pedagogy to match changing nature of student body
    • With cooperation from the Academic Center to support added tutors, a doubling of the number of Writing Center tutorials during fall semester
    • Second year of eight sections of 15 students in HE111W-112W, a program that early measures suggest is highly successful in advancing the writing skills of midshipmen who require added attention
    • Addition of FP130 to HH205-206 as a site for screening midshipmen who might need additional work on writing
    • Continuation of ACDEAN support of summer seminars in Writing Across the Curriculum
    • Regular writing instruction workshops by English Department faculty with NL112 and NL302 instructors at beginning of semesters
    • Sharing of expertise of English professor with Academic Center to offer midshipmen extracurricular opportunities to practice written and oral fluency
    • Continue "Writing Across the Curriculum" initiative
  • Create a Writing Center Endowment

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Improve midshipmen communications skills
  • Develop more professional and confident public speakers and leaders

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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