Strategic Initiative: Oral and Written Communications Excellence

Project:   Establish the Writing Center as a Named and Endowed Resource with Funding for Full Staffing

Provide funding continuity for this important resource.

Project Tasks:

  • Create an endowment that will fund salaries of part-time tutors in the Writing Center.
  • Part-time tutors, easily hired from area universities, will enable the Writing Center to serve midshipmen better and to accomplish the strategic goal of making them "highly effective communicators."
  • Create an endowment of $500-700K to generate annual funding for four tutors at $20/hr.

Expected Outcome/Benefits:

  • Provide part-time tutors in the Writing Center during the high-use times of the semester, when full-time Writing Center staff is overtaxed.
  • Provide more online tutors and tutors in Nimitz Library so that midshipmen can make use of services in the evening.
  • Ensure that no student who needs writing help is turned away.

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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