Strategic Initiative:  State-of-the-Art Teaching & Learning Facilities

Create prototype, leading-edge classroom and lab facilities and demonstrate their ability to effectively deliver teaching and learning concepts across the Yard

Initiative Description:

  • Create several prototype ‘classrooms and laboratories of the future’ in support of the USNA academic renovation and rehabilitation initiative
    • This is a prototype project that investigates the appropriate use of information technology to support pedagogical models.The prototype laboratory architecture and configuration design will complement and be a natural extension of the classroom. Modern technology enriched classrooms and laboratories will be scaleable for use by few or many students and configured to support a variety of teaching methods and learning techniques. Classrooms and laboratories will be populated with technologies capable of migrating into the future without major renovation
  • Provide a site for experimental hardware and software.
    • Create and resource an experimental Abreviated Systems Decision Paper for continuing experimentation with emerging educational technologies
    • Support one or more educational technologists to teach the experimental and enterprise-wide software and hardware systems to faculty.
  • Generate interest in faculty to develop or acquire simulations and modeling software
    • Support annual teaching fellows program through the Faculty Development Center
    • Support outreach programs by Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC), goals of the IDSC include:
      • Providing faculty with access to the latest instructional technology tools
      • Serving as a classroom for faculty workshops
      • Providing state of the art space for faculty to work on projects
      • Providing space and support for faculty to experiment with the latest technologies

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Enhance teaching and learning environment
  • Integrate IT into teaching and learning models / facilities
  • Provide less expensive and more multi- functional laboratories and classrooms

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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