Tactical Initiative: Sponsor an Inter-service Academy Seminar on Civility, Dignity and Respect

Develop a name-endowed national character development conference

Initiative Description:

  • The scope could be limited to service academies or opened to a national scope (recommended) to include other universities
  • Draw on the diverse, visible personnel in the Washington metropolitan area
  • A two day conference format targeted for the Fall 2002, as the Corbin will be hosted at the USMMA in August 2001 (This would replace the Corbin conference which is currently more narrow in scope.)

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Provide exposure for the Academy as a center for civility, respect and the value of diversity
  • Allow access to many diverse highly visible people in a short time in this important area
  • Enhance the visibility of civility within the Naval Academy

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (Character Development)

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