Tactical Initiative: Technical and Administrative Staff Compensation

To ensure that the total compensation package for technical and administrative staff is adequate to attract and retain capable personnel in these important USNA positions.

Initiative Description:

  • GS and WG staff members make important contributions to the USNA mission and the Academy must ensure that it is postured, within the constrants of the Federal civil service, to recruit and retain a dedicated capable workforce of technical and administrative staff.
  • Initiative would generate a Command-wide review of recent recruitment retention successes and shortfalls and develop, based on this information, a Plan of Action with Milestones for Command consideration to address any identified deficits in this important area.

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Recruitment and retention of dedicated and capable GS/WG personnel
  • Full staffing of existing GS/WG billets at USNA

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (Deputy for Finance)

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