IT 350 - Web and Internet Programming - Fall 2009

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Course Objectives:

  1. To be familiar with and understand the importance of web standards.
  2. To be able to successfully complete team-based projects.
  3. To be able to evaluate ethical issues involving web privacy.
  4. To be able to design and develop interactive, client-side web applications.
  5. To be able to design and develop server-side web applications.
  6. To be able to explain how the client-server model of Internet programming works.
  7. To be able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the core Internet protocols.
  8. To be able to describe the relationship between the cognitive principles and their applications to interfaces and products.
  9. To be able to explain the conceptual terms for analyzing human interaction with products such as affordance, conceptual model, and feedback.
  10. To be able to describe several affordances of a Web environment that can enhance the usability of a Web-based application.
  11. To be able to describe sources of accessibility guidelines and standards, and the impact of these guidelines on designing computer-based applications.

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