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Course Policy

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VMPlayer, VMs, and Setup

Please follow our detailed instructions.

Mounting your CS Department home directory in your VM

In a terminal window of your virtual machine, type the command csmount. This creates a directory named csunix/ in your home directory on the VM, and mounts your CS Department Unix home directory there. i.e. ~/csunix on the VM is the same as ~/ on your CS Department Unix account. In case you need to un-mount your CS Department Unix home directory, the command is csunmount

Submitting code for assignments

For an assignment called, e.g., "hw01", you should be writing your code in a directory with that same name, like ~/csunix/hw01 or, to be a bit more organized, ~/csunix/si204/hw01. The command to submit code for this class is 204sub. If you run this command from within your folder, and the folder is properly named the same as the assignment, everything should "just work".

General Resources