I am a Cryptologic Warfare Officer (CW/1810) serving as a Junior Permanent Military Professor (Instructor) at the United States Naval Academy. I commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer out of the University of Rochester (NROTC), followed by two tours onboard the USS VICKSBURG (CG-69) as the Electrical Officer and later as the Communications Officer before laterally converting into the Cryptologic Warfare community. As a CW, I have had tours at Navy Information Operations Command Maryland (as a Program Manager and Department Head), Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group (as the Lab Program Manager and as the Department Head for Cyber Effects), and with US Fleet Cyber Command / 10th Fleet (as a Battle Watch Captain and Project Officer working various Data and Networking programs), and I returned to sea as an IW onboard USS BULKELEY (DDG-84).

Educational Background

Masters, Computational Sciences and Informatics, George Mason University, 2015
Masters, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, 2006
Bachelors, Computer Science, University of Rochester, 2001

Departmental Functions

I have been serving as the Computer Science and Cyber Science Department's primary Linux, web, and database administrator. This role has included all day to day managment, installations, and monitoring for over 150 Lab Machines, 10 servers, and for ~30 faculty systems.

Interests and Research

My primary focus has been anomaly detection in large data sets, but I enjoy "Big-Data" problems.

Coursework - Development and Instruction

Over my time at the Naval Academy I have developed three classes from scratch (SI460 Computer Graphics, SY402 Cyber Operations II (Defense), and IT452 Advanced Web), coordinated three additional classes where I have updated material and led the instruction with other instructors (IT350 Web and Internet Programming, IT360 Applied Database Systems, and IC211 Object Oriended Programming).

Office Hours

Office Hours: Available during the academic day, walk-ins are welcome, although appointments will have priority.

Software Links

Various software projects (file structure based calendar generators, grading scripts) and resources for other classes (LiveCD's and links)


Past Courses

  • IC210 (Fall14, Fall15)
  • IC211 (Summer16, Summer17)
  • IT350 (Fall17, Fall18)
  • IT360 (Spring15, Spring16, Spring17)
  • IT452 (Spring18)
  • SI460 (Fall16, Fall17, Fall18)
  • SY110 (Fall14, Spring15)
  • SY401 (Fall15, Fall16)
  • SY402 (Spring16, Spring17, Spring18)