Software Projects

Below are a few of my various software projects and their respective source available for download.

I am currently working to transition all of my software projects to github.


The Calendar Software builds a functional course calendar by processing the file and directory structure. Calendar version 1 and 2 were written in Python, while version 3 is a more capable web script based on PHP. Version 4 can be seen by clicking on current courses at the top of the page. Feel free to modify and use as desired.

The calendar software is now available on github


To support various Computer Science and Cyber Science courses, customized Ubuntu Desktop LiveCDs have been built, as well as a set of scripts capable of building them automatically, based partially on scripts available on the Ubuntu site (here) and (here)

Computer Science (IC210) LiveCD (Updated Aug 19 2018), Legacy Versions: (2017) (2016) (2015) (2014)
Cyber Operations (SY201) LiveCD (Updated Aug 19 2018), Legacy Versions: (2015)

Installation Instructions are provided to install VMware Player and the ISO.
UPDATED (20160820) - Installation Instructions for your VM inside of VMware Player

LiveCD Builder Scripts (Modify an existing LiveCD)
LiveCD From Scratch (Building a LiveCD from the beginning)


Licenses and Credit

Feel free to modify the sources obtained above for any purpose. If other software libraries, from other authors are used or included, this is documented and their license information (CCA, BSD, GPL) is noted appropriatly. As example, the templates used for these web-pages, and those within the Calendar 3 system are modifications of templates found on (under CCA3 license) and the skeleton CSS boilerplate available at (MIT license). All new web based applications are making use of the bootstrap libraries.

Software Links

Various software projects (file structure based calendar generators, grading scripts) and resources for other classes (LiveCD's and links)

Past Courses

  • IC210 (Fall14, Fall15)
  • IC211 (Summer16, Summer17)
  • IT350 (Fall17, Fall18)
  • IT360 (Spring15, Spring16, Spring17)
  • IT452 (Spring18)
  • SI460 (Fall16, Fall17, Fall18)
  • SY110 (Fall14, Spring15)
  • SY401 (Fall15, Fall16)
  • SY402 (Spring16, Spring17, Spring18)