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ISSAC 2004 Tutorial: Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition

At ISSAC 2004 in Santander, Spain, I gave a tutorial entitled Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition. I'm posting everything I can think of from it:

outline.pdf is the one page outline of the presentation.

handout.pdf is the handout that is kind of companion to the talk, it contains some definitions and a discussion of the literature.

The slides are broken up into five files:

  1. slides1F.pdf - Introduction and motivation.
  2. slides2F.pdf - An intuituve overview of CAD and its uses.
  3. slides3F.pdf - A more formal look at CADs and how they are constructed.
  4. slides4F.pdf - An overview of CAD optimizations and how to use CAD effectively.
  5. slides5F.pdf - Case studies.

Prof. Christopher W Brown
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