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Professor Joseph J. Urban

Professor Joseph J. Urban, Ph.D.

Chair, Chemistry Department, Michelson Hall 282

Professor Joseph UrbanThe United States Naval Academy Annapolis, MD 21402


Voice: (410) 293-6606

Fax: (410) 293-2218

Curriculum Vitae


My research involves the application of computational chemistry techniques (a.k.a. “molecular modeling”) to problems in organic chemistry.  The properties that are investigated can be wide-ranging including structure, reactivity, conformation, solvation, and binding affinity.  The methods we use range from simple molecular mechanics force fields to high-level ab initio and DFT approaches.  The systems under study are organic compounds of fundamental interest as well as those of interest in applied areas such as biological chemistry and nanoscience.  The resources we use include workstations in the USNA Chemistry Department and supercomputers at remote DoD high-performance computing centers.

I encourage midshipmen who are interested in participating in this type of research to contact me.


SC111 Foundation of Chemistry I

SC112 Foundation of Chemistry II

SC472 Chemistry Majors Seminar

SC262 Integrated Lab II

SC485C Special Topics in Organic Chemistry

SC225 Organic Chemistry I

SC261 Integrated Lab I

SC226 Organic Chemistry II


PreMedical/PreDental program

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