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Contact USNA

Below is some of the most commonly requested USNA contact information.  Additional USNA phone numbers can be found in the USNA  Phone Directory and the USNA Feedback form is also available.  

The USNA Operator can be reached at  410-293-1000.


Contact Admissions Via Phone - The admissions switchboard can be reached at  410-293-1858, however we encourage you to use our email form, so that your question will be routed directly to the appropriate person.

Contact Admissions Via Email - We will do our very best to answer your question in a timely manner. The answers to most admissions questions can be found on our web pages using the search feature on the USNA website or on the frequently asked questions page. You can email Admissions by using our email form. You may also contact us via the Admissions Facebook Page.

Alumni Association and Foundation

Alumni Association and Foundation Contact Information.

Chaplain Center

Chaplain Center:

Memorial Affairs:

Chapel Wedding Coordinator:


 USNA Human Resources Office

 Naval Academy Business Services Division

Military Personnel Office -  410-293-1552

Media Inquiries / Public Affairs Office

For Public Inquiries:
  Public Affairs Office

For Media Requests:
  Media Relations

Music Department

Music Department Coordinator:
  Stephanie Woodall

Music and Theatre Ticket Office website

Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA)

Staff Directory

  1-800-US4-NAVY (1-800-874-6289)

Naval Academy Band

Naval Academy Band Contact Information

Naval Academy Business Services Division (NABSD)

Information regarding NABSD services such as accounting, Barber and Beauty Shop, Brigade Sports Complex, Catering, Cobbler Shop, Drydock Restaurant, Gift Shop, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Midshipmen Computer Repair Center (MCRC), Midshipmen Store, Tailor Shop, Steerage Restaurant, Textbook Issue, Uniform Store and Visitor Center.

Naval Academy Business Services Division Contact Information

Registrar and Transcripts




Website Issues

The USNA Webmaster is responsible for issues with the content or functioning of the website. If you are having a problem with the website please contact the webmaster. Many of the Naval Academy's sites have their own webmaster, and their contact information can be found in the footer of their sites. Questions about admissions, requests for information and other aspects of the Naval Academy should be directed to the appropriate department as noted in the other sections of this page, not the USNA Webmaster.

 USNA Webmaster

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