Life at USNA

The Most Memorable Years of Your Life

There is no easy way to describe the transformative years you will experience as a Midshipman and a member of the Naval Academy Community.

You will arrive for Plebe Summer, the rigorous yet exhilarating initiation to the Academy, as a bright-eyed and bushy tailed high school graduate, and by the time you throw your hat in the air at graduation, you are fully prepared to be a leader of competence, character, compassion and ready to take on the world.

Life in the

What You Can Expect
What does midshipmen, brigade, fleet, battalion and company mean at the Naval Academy? Learn what these terms represent from a detailed overview of life at the Academy.


Turning Civilians Into Midshipmen
Grab your uniform and perfect your salute.  This is the beginning of your four years and for seven weeks, you will be introduced to the Navy basics and life at the Academy. This is not a gentle transition into the brigade but a pivotal experience that will test your physical, mental, and moral strength in preparation for life on the Yard.