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Nomination Sources

To receive an offer of appointment to the Naval Academy, an applicant must obtain a nomination from an official source. There are many nomination sources and applicants are encouraged to apply to all available sources. This normally includes a U.S. Representative, two U.S. Senators and the Vice President of the United States. Below are descriptions and eligibility information for each type of nomination source. You do NOT need to know the source personally in order to receive a nomination. Keep in mind that all sources have their own deadlines, so you need to check the website for each source in advance to find out when you should start the application process.

These sources are open to all US Citizens (not a US citizen?)

Members of Congress

Each member of Congress can have five constituents attending the Naval Academy at any time. 

Applying for a congressional nomination

Vice President

At any one time, five students may attend the Naval Academy based on a vice presidential nomination. 

Applying for a Vice Presidential nomination

Some additional sources are open to certain individuals

Navy & Marine Corps

One hundred seventy appointments are available annually to regular and reserve Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel. 

Applying for an Enlisted Nomination

Reserve Officers Training Corps Units

All Navy and Marine Corps ROTC units and all Navy and Marine Corps JROTC units are eligible to nominate three candidates each. 

Applying for an ROTC Nomination

Children of Deceased/Disabled Vets, POW, MIA

Up to 65 midshipmen may be in attendance at the academy based on nominations as children of military personnel.

Applying for a Special Nomination

Children of Medal of Honor Recipients

Candidates in this special category who are fully qualified for admission are automatically appointed.

Applying for a Special Nomination

Presidential Nomination

An unlimited number of presidential nominations are available for children and legally adopted children of career officer and enlisted personnel of the armed forces, active or reserve, including the Coast Guard.

Applying for a Presidential Nomination