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Public Affairs Office
Bill The Goat

USNA Public Affairs Office

As a national institution, the Naval Academy recognizes the public's interest in how we develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically into officers privileged to lead Sailors and Marines. An important element of fulfilling our mission is effectively communicating with the Brigade, Faculty and Staff, the American public and other interested audiences.

In this regard, the Naval Academy Public Affairs team manages comprehensive programs in the areas of media relations, community relations, internal information, publications, and photographic services.

USNA News Sources


For information about ships and personnel, contact the Public Liaison Branch at CHINFO.


USNA News Center is published by the Public Affairs Office.

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For Public Inquiries:
Public Affairs Office

For Media Requests:
Media Relations

For Photography Requests:
 Photo Lab

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Top Stories

Image for Featured Firstie
Featured Firstie
This semester's very first #FirstieFriday is Midshipman First Class Julia Sinkus of Niskayuna, New York.  Julia is currently serving as a Squad Leader in the 23rd Company, and was the...
Image for First Class Midshipman on His Personal Growth from Time in India
First Class Midshipman on His Personal Growth from Time in India
Stepping out of the airport, the thing that stood out the most for me was not the large number of people nor the swarm of taxi drivers surrounding what they likely believed to be a confused...
Image for Midshipmen Reflect on Moroccan Experience
Midshipmen Reflect on Moroccan Experience
Below is a personal reflection from Midshipman 1/C Sebastian Zuleta and 1/C Melissa Ramkissoon from their study abroad in Morocco.  Daily Routine “Ah Sebastian,...
Image for University of Cape Town
University of Cape Town
One of the greatest things I learned while abroad was living on my own. For my entire life, I have always been at a place that has taken care of me, offered support, provided me with meals and a...
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