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Navy Women's Ice Hockey
2017-2018 Team

Navy Women's Ice Hockey

Welcome to the Navy Women's Ice Hockey website! This team was originally formed in 2009 by Midshipman Ella Starr, Class of 2012. The team began with a small handful of young women, and that number has greatly increased today! In 2015 the team became a club sport after being an ECA for six years. The team has achieved paramount feats in the little time it has been around including 2016 DVCHC Division 2 Champs and participating in the 2017 ACHA D2 Club Nationals.  

The team has developed to what it is today by the help of many individuals; coaches, family, friends and many more. We thank you for all your support and continued dedication to our team over the past few years. 

Please email for all scheduling purposes, and keep up with the team on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Check our our page on the Navy Club Ice Hockey Website!

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