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Midshipman Ethos

We are united with our fellow Midshipmen by the trust placed in us by the American people, our friends, and our families. Under a solemn oath, I accept the honor and privilege of supporting and defending our Constitution.

I strive to develop exceptional character through virtuous living in all I do. I will: consistently seek wisdom to learn that which is right, practice discipline to align my daily habits with my convictions, act with courage to uphold those convictions, and exercise the justice and fairness expected of a leader.

I respect and cherish the diverse backgrounds and talents of every Midshipman. I treat others with dignity and respect both in person and online.

I hold myself and my fellow Midshipmen accountable to the high standards of the Brigade. We seek support when needed, and encourage others to do the same. We share credit for our successes and own our shortcomings; we win and lose as a team.

We recognize that our country is counting on us to remain steadfast in our core values of honor, courage and commitment. We embrace the inherent risk of the profession of arms and strive for the standard of excellence required to lead our nation’s Sailors and Marines.

“This is our call as Midshipmen; it is a mission I humbly accept”

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