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Kurtis Swope

Kurtis J. Swope, Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof. Kurtis J Swope Headshot

Associate Dean                                                                                                            School of Humanities and Social Sciences                                                                  United States Naval Academy
Department of Economics

Phone: (410) 293-6302

Curriculum Vita
Office: Sampson 264

Teaching and Research Interests

Public Economics, Environmental Economics, and Games, Experiments, and Behavioral Economics


Ph.D., Indiana University, Economics, 2000
B.A., Heidelberg College (Tiffin, Ohio), Economics, German, International Studies, l994

Positions Held

2021 - present    Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, U.S. Naval Academy

2015 - 2021        Chair, Department of Economics, U.S. Naval Academy
2012 - 2015        Professor, Department of Economics, U.S. Naval Academy
2006 - 2012        Associate Professor, Department of Economics, U.S. Naval Academy 
2001 - 2006        Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, U.S. Naval Academy 
2000 - 2001        Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, U.S. Naval Academy 
1996 - 2000        Associate Instructor, Department of Economics, Indiana University 
1994 - 1996        Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, Indiana University


  • National Science Foundation Grant (#0720696) “Laboratory Studies of Holdout and Efficiency in Multilateral Bargaining”, Co-Principal Investigator (with Pamela Schmitt and co-investigators Robert Shupp and John Cadigan)
  • National Science Foundation Grant (#0632836) “Undergraduate Teaching Tools for Computable General Equilibrium Models” Mary Burfisher, Principle Investigator (co-investigator with Karen Thierfelder, Katherine Smith and Victoria Greenfield)


  • “Waste Flow, Recycling, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Case Study of the Comparative Environmental Impact of Recycling Approaches on a College Campus” (with Patrick Caton, Howard Ernst, Karen Flack, and Joseph Smith), forthcoming in Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management, August, 2021.

  • “The Demand for ‘Fair’ Outcomes: An Experimental Study of Payoff Maximization, Social Efficiency, Fairness, Gender, and Personality Type” (with John Cadigan and Pamela Schmitt), in Archives of Psychology vol (3), February 2019.

  • “Endowment Effects and Contribution Strategies in Public Goods Games” (with John Weis, John Cadigan, and Pamela Schmitt) in Archives of Psychology vol  (1), October 2017.

  • “Amping-Up Pedagogy through Interdisciplinary Instruction: A Study of the Effects of Interdisciplinary Instruction on Undergraduate Attitudes and Values Related to Energy Issues at the U.S. Naval Academy” (with Patrick Caton, Howard Ernst, Karen Flack, and Joseph Smith), in Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, 2017, Vol. 6 (1).

  • "School Quality, Residential Choice, and the U.S. Housing Bubble" (with Michael Insler), in Housing Policy Debate, November 2016 26(1) (Permanent link:
  • "That's My Final Offer: A Laboratory Study of Unanimous-Consent Bargaining with Asymmetry and Credible Commitment" (with John Cadigan and Pamela Schmitt), in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, April 2014, vol. 49, 44 – 53.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • "Institutions and Information in Multilateral Bargaining Experiments," (with John Cadigan, Pamela Schmitt, and Rob Shupp), in the B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, June 2013, 14(1) 485 – 524                                               
  • "An Experimental Dynamic Public Goods Game with Carryover," (with John Cadigan, Pamela Schmitt, and Patrick Wayland), in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 80(3), (2011)523 – 531 Abstract                                               
  • "Contracts, Behavior, and the Land-Assembly Problem: An Experimental Study," (with Ryan Wielgus, John Cadigan, and Pamela Schmitt), in Research in Experimental Economics: Experiments on Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability, 2011, vol. 14, 151-180 Abstract                                                                                                                                                   
  • "The Holdout Problem and Urban Sprawl: Experimental Evidence," (with Robert Shupp, John Cadigan, and Pamela Schmitt), in Journal of Urban Economics, 2011, 68, 72-81 Abstract                                                                                           
  • "An Experimental Study of the Holdout Problem in a Multilateral Bargaining Game," (with John Cadigan, Pamela Schmitt, and Robert Shupp), in the Southern Economic Journal, 2009, 76(2), 444-457 Abstract                                                            
  • "Personality Preferences in Laboratory Economics Experiments," (with Pamela Schmitt, Rob Shupp, and John Cadigan), in Journal of Socio-Economics, 2008, 37, 998-1009. Abstract                                                                                                    
  • "Social Position and Distributive Justice: Experimental Evidence," (with Pamela M. Schmitt, John Cadigan, and Rob Shupp), in Southern Economic Journal, 2008, 74(3), 811-818. Abstract                                                                             
  • "Pre-Commitment and Personality: Behavioral Explanations in Ultimatum Games," (with Pamela Schmitt, Rob Shupp, and Justin Mayer) in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008, 66(3-4), 597-605 Abstract                                         
  • "The Performance of Economics Graduates over the Entire Curriculum: The Determinants of Success," (with Pamela M. Schmitt) in the Journal of Economic Education, 2006, 37(4), 387-394.Abstract                                                                         
  • "On the Role of the Hostage in Ultimatum Games," (with Pamela Schmitt and Rob Shupp), in Journal of Socio-Economics, 2006, 35(3), 399-411. Abstract                                                                                                                                                    
  • "Roll the Dice and Students Participate," in The Teaching Professor, April 2006, 20(4), 6.                                                        
  • "Taxes or Fees? The Political Economy of Providing Excludable Public Goods," (with Eckhard Janeba), in Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2005, 7(3), 405-426. Abstract                                                                                                                        
  • "Multi-Period Rent-Seeking Contests with Carryover: Theory and Experimental Evidence," (with John Cadigan, Pamela M. Schmitt, and Rob Shupp), in Economics of Governance, 2004, 5, 187-211. Abstract                                                                
  • "An Experimental Investigation of Excludable Public Goods," in Experimental Economics, 2002, 5(3), 209- 222                      
  • "Collective Action with Incomplete Commitment: Experimental Evidence," (with Pamela M. Schmitt and James M. Walker) in Southern Economic Journal, 2000, 66(4), 829-854                                                                                                                 
  • "Bucks for Ducks, or Money for Nothin’? The Political Economy of the Federal Duck Stamp Program," (with Daniel K. Benjamin and Terry L. Anderson) in Political Environmentalism: Going behind the Green Curtain, Terry L. Anderson editor, Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 2000, 121-159

Other Professional Activities

  • 2000-2001 Consultant,, Bloomington, IN
  • 1997-1998 Graduate Research Fellow, Political Economy Research Center (PERC), Bozeman, Montana 
  • Referee for the American Economic Review 
  • Referee for the Journal of Public Economics 
  • Referee for Global Governance
  • Referee for Games
  • Referee for Games and Economic Behavior
  • Referee for Education Economics
  • Referee for Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
  • Referee for European Economic Review
  • Referee for International Review of Economics Education
  • Referee for International Tax and Finance
  • Referee for Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly Journal of Socio-Economics)
  • Referee for Southern Economic Journal
  • Referee for Sustainability
  • Referee for Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics
  • Referee for Journal of Urban Economics
  • Project reviewer for National Science Foundation
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