Database Icons

Several types of Icons can be displayed:

Icons can be displayed:

Icons can be added to the database, which provides the greatest flexibility for KML export:

If you have True Type fonts with Icons, you can use the Military icon generator to turn symbols into an Icon graphic.  You can also plot Proportional symbols/Icons:  (True Type fonts)  symbols directly.

To get an icon, edit an image in Paint. 
  • Cut out just the part you want.
  • Use Stretch option, on Image menu, to make a smaller version of the image.  The icons should be moderate in size.
  • Save as a GIF and a PNG.

You should not see the white background around the icon.  You can adjust icon transparency.

You can create multiple icons, with the field names all starting with ICN_, and select the one to use when you pick display options
or do a deliberate KML export.
Icons in the database, and used as the KML export symbology.

Icon sources:

Last revision 1/8/2017