DNR GPS, freeware from the Minnesota DNR, will convert tracks and waypoints to shapefiles, and is the best option for talking to Garmin GPS units.  It will also convert KML files to shapefiles. It was previously called DNR Garmin. 

Download DNR GPS program and install.

Start DNR GPS.

Import from Google Earth, which does not have to be open.

  • Insure your data is in My Places.  If not, drag it there in Google Earth.
  • Alternatively, same the layer as a KML file in Google Earth, and see the directions below.
Highlight the layers to import, and select OK.
Probably only the IDENT, LAT, and LONG fields will have useful data.  DNR GPS might truncate the IDENT field, so you should try to use compact names.

When you open the shapefile in MICRODEM, you are likely to have a number of fields that you do not need.  You can hide these fields, and then save the database or shapefiles with a  report leaving only the fields you want.

File, Save to, File
Pick ESRI shapfile
Select name for the export
Database (shapefile) to open on a map in MICRODEM.