This format was not designed for GIS applications, and does not work very well with GIS software.  Some purists say that GeoPDF applies only to the TerraGo brand products because they have a registered trademark, and others should be called a Geospatial PDF.  A lot of people would say this is barking up the wrong tree, like Kleenex and Xerox, and this term should be a generic term and used like GeoJSON or GeoTIFF.

The format works in browsers, and older versions created by USGS had enhancements with the free TerraGo Toolbar.

GDAL can convert GeoPDF to GeoTIFF, and MICRODEM uses it. 

Current US Quads

These are in GeoPDF, and can make a nice base map.

Conversion steps.  The batch files will be in c:\mapdata\temp, where you can look at them and modify if you want.  The files will be cleared when you reopen the program.  You will see the black command windows, and can watch the GDAL progress for those operations that take time.

Using GeoPDF

USGS guidance on converting to GIS formats (and why they don't think it's a big deal, since GeoPDF is for the Great American Public and not GIS Pros)

last revised 2/8/2018