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Caveats on these lists.
Country Data sites Nationals Datums and Conversion to EGM
Afghanistan 1:250K geologic maps:  


Gazetteers: (registration required; may have duplicate entries)



Fire recovery lidar and related data sets:
Lidar at
Botswana  Geoscience portal:    
Brazil The Sustainable Landscapes project here in Brazil made some LiDAR datasets (very small in area) available:  
China Depth to bedrock:  
Denmark Lidar: .  You will have to set up an account.  May have to use ftp download from, which might have to be from an internet connection that has "reasonable" (not IT paranoid) security settings.  
Estonia Lidar: multi years, leaf on, leaf off:  
Gabon Forest Atlas:  
Haiti Haiti earthquake, from RIT, with LAS point clouds, DSMs, and DTMs  
Ireland Dublin lidar, 300 points per square meter,
Lidar grids:
Indonesia 8 m DEM:
topo and bathy
Italy:  English option, but lidar not available for free download (2/2019)  10 m DEM



  •   Trento province: Pick a small area, download the layers you want, then in the third box use the blue link icon to download to your hard disk.   Issues with metadata (probably UTM zone 32).  Limited to about 10 MB files.
  •!    Bolsano province.  Pick your data set, area, and provide an email.  Watch out for a reply when it is ready, which will be in German and not immediately obvious what it is.
Latvia Free nationwide lidar:  
Mexico has a text file which probably can be converted to a grid of 2.5 minute resolution referenced to the GRS80 ellipsoid, which is very close to WGS84
New Zealand
Vertical datum, about a dozen subgrids with shift:
Online converter (does not do EGM):
Norway Lidar:  (Switch to English with button on the upper right, next to Log in).  You can view the point clouds in POTREE online.  To download use the pop out on the left side of the map.
Topo maps, MrSid:
Uses NN2000 geoid model. has a Geotiff
Polar (Greenland and Antarctica)  
Saudi Arabia   will do English; could not figure out how to download any data  
Slovakia,48.800000#  2 square km size limit, and frustrating interface  

Lildar:   You want the LAZ files, and the GKOT variant  which will have tiles starting the TM (the OTR variant, with TMR file names, have only ground points; these have very nice classification) D96TM now have Geoid Koiper reference.  They will be EPSG 3794, and you want UTM zone has the vertical datum transformations
  •  (DEMs 5, 25, and 200 m; lots of other data; now has lidar).
    • On one of the datasets you want to download, pick the by map option
    • Add any other datasets
    • Has a Java bulk downloader; you get a file, which you click on and it does a Java based download that is sometimes fast and convenient.  If you download several data sets, you can run multiple Java downloads without slowing down.  A download JNLP file will be created.  It must open in Java, and will then download the files.  It can be very fussy (not happy in Chrome, so you might have to use another browser or start the JNLP file manually)
    • Lidar
      • Lidar point clouds are UTM, but some of the LAZ files do not have that information so you will have to add it.  
      • There are both RGB (RGB or COL in the names) and CNIR (CIR or IRC in the names) files, which you will want to separate into different directories if you get both; you can also get just one or the other, using the leftmost "thematic" or "topic" selection on the filter portion of the results, which will halve the size of the download.
      • You can download individual tiles
      • Using the + button on the right, you can add all files to the cart
      • Go to the cart, and start download
      • 2/5/2022: could not get the Java bulk downloads to work.  Java has removed the tool from the current builds, and the work aroud of  would not work.
    • Grids in ASC format, which loads slowly and asks about the UTM zone every time, so convert it.  The 2 m DTM and 5 m DSM are probably the most useful.
  • Provinces and local areas--these are old and might not be as good as the national site
UGF files at but I don't know how to use them

The calculation of the undulation of the geoid is carried out using the EGM2008 - REDNAP model. This model is an adaptation of the EGM2008 world geoid model from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to the vertical reference system in Spain ( REDNAP ).

For the transformation of altimetric data according to INSPIRE specifications, the undulation is also calculated in the European Vertical Reference System (EVRS), which differs by an average of 49 cm from the Alicante datum, official in Spain.

The grid of the EGM2008-REDNAP model has limits of 35º to 44º of latitude and of 9º 30 'W to 4º 30' E in longitude in the case of Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. In the case of the Canary Islands, the limit of the grid is from 27º 30 'to 29º 30' of latitude N and from 18º 30 'to 13º of longitude W.

Both grids are available from the PAG with a regular 1 'x 1' mesh pitch in ASCII format, in the same format as the NGIA. They can also be obtained from the FTP server of the Geodesy Area in many other formats usable by the main software.

If the given point is outside the bounds of the grid, the undulation of the geoid will not be calculated. Use IE, mabye not at work if they keep you too safe. Get the TIF files in the geoide/GTG directory.

Sweden Sweden "Laser Forest Data, 1-2 points/m^2", ,  horizontal SWERED99 TM (EPSG 3006) and elevations RH2000 height (EPSG code 5613)  

National lidar:

  • Select, and download a CSV file (which is just a text file with the list of tiles) and then batch download
  • No registration in LAS files.  They are LV95, which is EPSG 2056 and you should convert to UTM32 with lastools (but that is not yet allowed)
  • You can perform this transformation (ch1903+ to UTM32N) with Geosuite (free usage since March 2021): Within the software go to tools > batch transformer > add the files you want to transform(only .las supported) > Add the module Reframe and the desired transformation (UTM32N is a possible output).

Zurich canton lidar

Uruguay  (spanish only!)

In the site (which is awful!) there are some raw data/geoservices for:

a) MDE for rural areas, 2.5 m resolution, EPSG 5382, as TIF or LAS

b) MDS for urban areas, 0.10 m resolution, EPSG 5382, as TIF or LAS

c) rural orthoimagery, 0.32 m resolution, EPSG 5382, as TIF or JPG.

d) urban orthoimagery, 0.10 m resolution, EPGS 5382, as TIF only



Viet Nam   GeoPDFs of 1:50K AMS sheets   

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