Scene geometry, from NASA


Landsat 7 bands



Image source, NASA

The Hyperion hyperspectral sensor has very many bands with small bandwiths compared to the multispectral systems.
Log scale for wavelength, so the Hyperion bands appear to get closer.

ASTER, ALI, Hyperion all have similar pixel to ETM+ (except for the pan band)
MODIS has much larger pixel sizes.

Image source, NASA



USGS Professional paper 1386A

Hyperion image of the west side of the Sheep Range in southern Nevada.

  • Left, band 53
  • Middle, false color.  There are multiple choices for RGB, since there is not just one red, green, or blue.
  • Right, true color. There are multiple choices for RGB.

The image is 1691x7071pixels, but because of the narrow swath in the descending orbit, most is missing data.  You will get much speedier response with a subset of the data.


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