LIDAR Point Cloud Sources

Best sources for free LIDAR point clouds (probably LAS or LAZ format):

For MICRODEM, the data must be in UTM or geographic coordinates.  There are options to reproject with MICRODEM, liblas, or LAStools.  LAS lidar

Manage Lidar data

General caveats:

Source and directions Web site Notes
OpenTopography Mostly US, but now a lot of data from New Zealand.  If you have an edu email, you can get USGS lidar.
NOAA Coastal Lidar Graphical: (Flash required)
Projects list:
Getting lots of data
Some surveys may penetrate water; others only coastal strips of land.  For many areas several dates are available, showing temporal change.
National Map directions
USGS Coastal  
Status of state mapping Countries with good national lidar: Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, UK, Wales
US Interagency Elevation Inventory  

Problems with ftp data download?  Your network might view these downloads as a security risk.

Other sites


Commercial LIDAR clearing house:

Last revised 3/8/2022