Normalized Satellite Indexes

Index Name Definition (pre-Landsat 8) Landsat 8 Results Reference
NDWI Normalized Difference Water Index (TM4-TM5) / (TM4+TM5)  

Water will be white; shows coastlines well.

NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (TM4-TM3) / (TM4+TM3) (TM5-TM4) / (TM5+TM4) Vegetation will be white.  Red is 0.63 to 0.69, and NIR is 0.76 to 0.90.  
NDSI Normalized Difference SnowIndex (TM2-TM5) / (TM2+TM5) (TM2-TM6) / (TM2+TM6)   Dozier, 1989, Remote Sensing Environment
NDSI Normalized Difference Soil Index (TM5-TM4) / (TM5+TM4)      
NBR Normalized Burn Ratio (TM4-TM7) / (TM7+TM4)      
VARI Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index (green-red)/ (green+red-blue)     Gitelson and others, 2002

Compute indexes on Imagery analysis menu for satellite imagery (Create new band menu option).  These are all ratios, and require two bands, except for the VARI which uses three).

Old: Values are added to 128, rounded, and results clipped to be within the range of 0-255.

Current: values are stored as floating point, multiplied by 100.

Landsat 8 changes the bands substantially.  The program will use the correct bands for Landsat 8, as well as World View 2.


Reference for VARI:

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