Other Point Cloud Viewers and Lidar tools:

Must have

ESRI zLAS converter

OPALS - Orientation and Processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data--does classification, among other things.  Must license for more than 1 million points.

Commercial, no demo version: http://lidarwidgets.com/



OpenLSEF: https://beta.openlsef.org/digital-elevation-models/ Extracting information for 3D point clouds

Web viewers:

Python for lidar

Tree segmentation


Create point clouds

Others--some of these may be old; they have not been systematically checked in several years

*PointVue LE Ė free and easy to download with no hidden links. It easily opens LAS files and displays the point cloud; it can display intensity, elevation, return number, and classification and allows the user to overlay the intensity on any of the other categories. It appears to no longer be available.

This is probably now http://www.lp360.com/lp-viewer.html but we have not tested it.


LizardTech GeoViewer 5.5

  • http://www.lizardtech.com/download/dl_options.php?page=viewers
  • no registration
  • Latest DirectX required
  • LAS and MrSID compressed lidar (have not seen an example) formats.
  • Display in the 3D viewer is a bit awkward compared to PointVue. I canít seem to make the entire image display without it feeling too far away. (Maybe itís just the box around it.); in addition, the only category displayed is elevation and the contrast is a bit too high, so everything is too bright and itís hard to distinguish the images.
  • LizardTech Lidar Compressor ($3K, but free trial available)--have not seen data in their format


MARS Viewer (free, but requires registration and download of 30 day free trial)
Fledermaus and free iView4D viewer.  It appears that the free iView4D will only display the proprietary formats, and we have not found a free way to create those except through Fledermaus (and our attempts there have not been successful).  There is a module in Mirone (no longer online, had Matlab source code), so that might be possible with some effort. 
DielmoOpenLidar: http://www.dielmo.com/eng/ficha-tecnologia.php?prod=27   based on gvSIG


Lidar Point Cloud Data Sources

LIDAR links: http://www.lidarbasemaps.org/ 

LIBLAS: http://liblas.org/LAStools.html#LAStools-liblas

http://applied-geosolutions.github.io/lidar2dems/ classify into ground and non ground, create DTM, DSM, or CHM.  Python on Linux.


African and Middle East archaeology

Last revised 10/31/2019