Sidescan Sonar Display and Manipulation

  Enable sidescan operation on Menu choices tab of  Options menu choice.

Insure that you have sidescan data in the correct location and format. 

Open a base map of any type.

icon on the map toolbar to open multiple sidescan records using the file open dialog.

The program will create two databases:

Database for a sidescan survey line.

This file has about 100 pings per second (recorded only to the nearest second), and a total of 106,236 pings.

Each ping has a number and time, the slant range used, and the fish heading and depth.
Sidescan image window
Sidescan image toolbar icons
  • Save image to file
  • Copy image to clipboard
  • 1:1 image
  • Subset image
  • Full image extent
  • Decrease contrast
  • Increase contrast
  • Info on record
  • Measure distance
  • Roaming gives you current coordinates and ping number on the status bar.
  • Right click on sidescan image to get a popup menu.
  • Subset sidescan files
  • File Menu:
    • Subset: write out a subset of current sidescan file.  Enter the first and last records (pings); pick these first using the mouse and reading the display at the bottom of the map.



  Sidescan results, from the metadata in the XTF file:

  • Start and end times, and the duration of the record
  • Range of the sidescan in meters, in each channel (left and right)
  • Track length from the GPS, assuming it is straight and connecting the end points, and computed along the track
  • Calculated ship speed from the GPS
  • Calculated ship track from the GPS, and whether or not it is displayed reversed
  • Pings and samples, the thinning factor to display them, and the pixel size on screen
  • Corner coordinates of the image
Less Contrast   More contrast
Grayscale Custom gold color scale


Low frequency High frequency

Advanced Export sidescan image option

Sidescan indexing

Other sidescan formats:

Last revision 4/21/2021