Accessed with this icon on the main toolbar, or from the Analyze menu.

Geography options control the behaviour.  In particular this will determine if you drag a sunlight graph and place it on the map, or if it appears in a separate window.

If you pick drag sunlight graphs:

If you have the drag sunlight graphs unchecked.

If you pick the icon with no map active:

Sunrise-sunset graphs

Algorithm from pages B5-B7, Almanac for computers 1989, Nautical Almanac Office, U.S. Naval Observatory. Valid for latitudes less than 65 (deteriorates near poles when sun above or below horizon longer than 24 hours) at any time in the latter half of the 20th century. Accurate 2 min.

Note that these times give a best guess estimate for the difference to UTC.

Last revision 11/29/2006