Stereonet and Faults Lab

Basics of running MICRODEM.

Deliverables.  You will have one Word document, including your name within the file name, and include screen captures, and a coherent discussion.  For most options in the program, you can get a clipped screen capture from the file menu, the toolbar icon, or by right clicking on the map.  You will put captions on the figures (maps, photos, graphs, for which the caption goes below) and tables (caption goes above).

  1. Screen capture with your results from the stereonet quiz, both with and without a grid.
  2. On the west side of the Sheep Range (see map), compute the slope of three highlighted faults.  Create a stereonet showing their dip/strike (a figure), and put your results in a table.  Discuss which fault is the steepest, how its outcrop trace differs from the others.  Also discuss if the measured dips on the two faults match the overall values from the three point problem, and how the value from the three point problem compares measuring on the topographic profile..
  3. For the fault on the range crest, compute the slope on each side of the range. Include an image from Google Earth, and discuss whether you can see the fault in the imagery there.   Discuss why the projection of the fault planes have a much more complicated map pattern compared to the faults on the west side of the range, and why the projected planes from the three point problem do not match what was mapped in the field.


Last revision 8/23/2013