Sample LAS Data


Data set Point Density
Displays to show
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (159 MB) 18.7
  • RGB colors
  • Return intensity
  • Classification, minimal
  • Elevation, set range to 1500-1600.  You can get this by looking at an elevation Histogram of the returns.
  • Scan angle
  • Return number
Elsinore, Denmark (95 MB) 5.3
  • Return intensity
  • Classification, very good
  • Elevation, set range to 0-50
  • Scan angle
  • Return number


Open  point cloud data

Use the control window for the point cloud operations.

All data from OpenTopography.  These are relatively small files

Survey State Point Density
Survey dates Notes

Jemez River Basin Snow-on Lidar Survey

New Mexico  9.08 March 27-April 3, 2010 Conifer evergreen forest

Jemez River Basin Snow-off Lidar Survey

New Mexico 9.68 June 29-July 8, 2010 Conifer evergreen forest

Jemez River Basin, NM: Post-fire Landscape Response

New Mexico 15.24 May 25-28, 2012 Conifer evergreen forest

Sea Grass Beds, Apalachicola

Florida 5.83 Aug 20-21, 2015 Optech Titan has three channels which were split into separate files, for enhanced display options.   Values 1 (1550 nm), 2 (1064 nm), and 3 (532 nm), and are stored in the User Data record of the Point Data records in the LAS file. Other options cann use the PointID for the channel.  The new LAS 1.4 format, still not widely used, has a specific field for the channel.
Poleta Folds California 0.89 Feb 1, 2014  


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