Surprise Simulator

Download the simulator, with three models, and unzip it.

Click on any of the images for a full resolution version.

Key elements of the simulator controls:

A--File menu to open a new simulation.

B--Helmsman command to order a new course.  You must click this twice to change heading; the first returns the program to manual control, and then second lets you enter a desired heading.

C--Increase decrease sail command to change speed

D--Heading, speed, and leeway indicators.



Winchelsea: this uses the same parameters as the default frigate Serapis in the simulation.

Serapis_1, with battle damage, removing the main sail, the jib, and the spanker.  The spanker is removed because the ship is unsailable with it, at least in this simulation.

Serapis_2, with additional battle damage, removing the topgallant on the foremast, and reducing the size of the other sails on the foremast to 50% to account for damage inflicted by Alliance.


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