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Center for Regional Studies
Center for Regional Studies
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About the Center

Mission Statement

The United States Naval Academy’s Center for Regional Studies serves to enhance the educational opportunities of midshipmen through support for the study of different regions of the world, curricular innovation, and community outreach. Currently, the Center is comprised of six regional fora: Africa Forum, Asia Forum, Eurasia Forum, Latin America Forum, the Middle East Forum and the newly created Forum of Emerging Frontiers covering the Artic, cyber, space, deep sea, and other gray zones. The Center helps constituent Academy faculty members expose future Navy and Marine Corps officers to the array of disciplines that pursue a comprehensive understanding of regional and international dynamics across the globe.

Upcoming Talks

12 April 2023 - "Recent Developments in the Russian-Ukrainian War"
Colonel Hennadiy Kovalenko, Ukrainian Air Force
Time:  1900-2000
Carter Hall G-15

Colonel Kovalenko has served in various positions in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian War, he deployed at the operation area and was responsible for coordinating international assistance within the framework of the Multinational Joint Commission of Military Cooperation and Defense Reform. He is currently serving as Ukraine’s Partner National Liaison Representative and a staff officer at the NATO HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Norfolk, VA.

 24 April 2023, "Japan-U.S. Relations and a Free and Open Indo-Pacific" 
Koji Tomita, ambassador of Japan to the U.S.
Time 1230-1320
Venue: Sampson, G14

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